Village of Mistvale

The residents of Mistvale have not survived at the edge of the Sea of Trees for so long by being friendly and welcoming to strangers. Their deeply rooted traditions and strong adherence to superstition, as well as a wary attitude toward the unfamiliar has helped them stay safe and prosperous despite living closer than any civilized settlement to the danger that is the vast Sea of Trees. Mistvale is an isolated farming community of hard-working folk who are capable of the warmest kindness once someone has earned their trust. The families of humans and halflings that call Mistvale home can trace their heritage back many generations.


Recently, an orc raid has devastated much of the town. Currently, the Vanguard of the Crimson Watchmen controls the town, enjoying nearly unchallenged free reign under the newly elected leader, Anders Leam.

In response to what many view as a rigged election rife with fraud, a new political organization has arisen. Townsfolk and farmers seem to be strongly supportive of The People for Mistvale’s Freedom & Independence Movement.

Village of Mistvale

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