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Ah, Nymeria… how many songs of great and heroic deeds have been passed down through the ages regarding the wonders of this land? From the Sea of Tree to the Skyreach Mountains, it would seem that every city, town, hill, and stone has a story or two to tell. Since time immemorial, Nymeria has rewarded the bold who dare to seek fortune and glory. Many brave heroes and treacherous villains from ages past have since faded into legend, into the furthest reaches of our collective memory, but their deeds have left an everlasting mark upon this land… for good or for ill. Even now, in the Sixth Turn of the Great Wheel, new adventurers arise who are eager to make their own mark on the lands of Nymeria. Whether they pass into legend or fall to infamy, only time will tell.
- Galvanus Brightsnow, Chief Record Keeper of the Great Library at Citadel Orogoth, W.R. 6-897

Welcome, adventurer, to the Land of Nymeria. This guide’s purpose is to acquaint you with some of the well-known landmarks, towns, and cities within the realm. While this humble author does not suppose to offer a complete guide to these lands, it is his hope that you may, after reading, be better suited to conduct your travels, trade, or fortune-seeking.


Nymeria is not ruled by any single government or ruler, though there are doubtless those who aspire to achieve such unification. Instead, Nymeria is a realm of loosely allied settlements, largely divided by the geography of the land. To the east of the mighty Chorrathi River can be found Citadel Orogoth – the largest and most politically stable city in all the realm. However, for all its size and wealth, the towns and cities west of the river remain largely free of its influence.

The Lands of Nymeria can be bountiful for those who keep their wits about them, and unforgiving to the inexperienced or foolhardy. Vast wealth can be found in trade along Lake Shimmerscale and the Chorrathi River up to Highbridge, bountiful harvests in the rich lands surrounding Citadel Orogoth, and high adventure in the land south of the Helmcliff Hills and west of the river.

A Brief History of the World of Nymeria

The Western Realms

Dugan’s Hold
Helmcliff Hills
Greatspire Mountains
Lonely Goat Inn
Grimwarden Forest
Kala’s Grove
Bloodfang Vale
Village of Mistvale
Sea of Trees

The Eastern Realms

Citadel Orogoth
Skyreach Mountains
Coldfire Caverns
Port Dinnsfyre
Lake Shimmerscale
Wayrest Inn

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