Whispers of a Dead God


Exploring ancient Elven temple ruins

Secrets and Hidden Dangers

The ruins of Tevemanthaur held many secrets that proved to be quite dangerous. Exploring the dark corridors and hallways, Aryn Limlugeth came across a dead end. The smoothly carved white marble passageway ended abruptly at a black stone wall. She ran her hands along it, seeking some secret latch or mechanism betraying a hidden door, and was surprised when the stone wall itself moved back at her touch. The large room beyond was filled with similar square stone pillars. Interested in this strange room, Senior Goat walked right into the middle of it and was promptly ambushed by a squadron of orcs.

Using the moving stone blocks to their advantage, both the orcs and the adventuring party moved the battlefield, creating cover for themselves, opening up passageways to flank, and even crushing a hapless orc in between two of the blocks. After the dust settled, the adventurers searched the room and discovered another passageway hidden behind one of the stone blocks.

Grog Grog

Inside the hidden passageway was a sleeping orc who was shirking his duties. Captain Mattias noticed that his elemental crystal detector was going crazy around the orc, and they soon found out that this orc had somehow managed to eat the elemental crystal of air that the crew of the Stormshadow had been searching for. It was decided that due to this fact, they would have to bring the orc along and wait for the crystal to… pass. Thus, Grog Grog became a member of the group.


While searching what appeared to be a sleeping chamber, the adventurers found a small statuette carved in the likeness of Ilsensine. An odd thing to find in the ancient Elven ruins. They also encountered a goblin who had fled the fighting when the camp was first attacked and barricaded himself in a small room. Grog Grog was able to convince him to come along by stuffing the goblin, apparently named Poot, into his backpack.

Song of the Elements

It quickly became clear to the explorers that there was something more to this Temple than met the eye. Many hallways and chambers came to dead ends when logic dictated the presence of another room. A clue was discovered when the explorers entered an audience chamber. On the stage, was a message written in elvish that explained the necessary song that would cause the rooms themselves to rotate and open up to different passages when sung correctly. Singing the song caused the audience chamber to rotate, revealing an opening to a new passageway that was previously inaccessible.


The new passageway led to a room where Elanna and Gaspard were held captive by a coupe of Yuan-ti slave traders. The adventurers briefly attempted to negotiate for their release, but the situation quickly turned to violence. After a short but brutal confrontation, the Yuan-ti lay dead and the prisoners were freed.


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