Westwatch is the largest city in Western Nymeria. Although the lands west of the Chorrathi River are not unified under a single leader, the city of Westwatch is regarded by many to be the economic capital of the western lands.
In ages past, the settlement arose to cater to merchant caravans and travelers bringing their business through the western gate of the ancient Nymerian Empire. Most of the old fortifications have long since crumbled or have been re-purposed as the city grew over the centuries.
At either end of the city stand two massive guard towers. These towers are home to the two ruling families that have vied for political control over the city for many years. House Limlugeth, a wealthy family of human nobles, occupies the southern tower. In the northern tower lives House Davarros, noble halflings that claim to be able to trace their lineage back to the founding of the city.
The city is protected by the household guards of each family, which amounts to a considerable fighting force when combined against a common foe. The shadier citizens in Westwatch know how to play the guards’ household loyalties to their advantage, and it is rumored that even the two noble houses often engage in subterfuge and shadowy dealings against each other in their continuing quest for power.


WESTWATCH- “The City of Candles”

The City-
A settlement that rose originally out of trade passing from the west, Westwatch arose as the largest city in the Western lands. Known romantically as “The City of Candlelight”, the streets and buildings are lit annually to celebrate its founding with an extended festival. The candles are reflected in the many canals that carry goods and travelers around the city, giving the celebration a dreamlike, magical feeling. The City itself is split into three districts.
Canal Ward is the district of the city closest to the inland sea, and as a result has the most canals of any district- in some areas, it is nearly impossible to get around without some kind of boat. The Canal Ward sees most of the shipping and commerce of Westwatch; all major noble families and merchant houses have shipping enterprises located near the canal district. The outskirts of the Canal Ward are the most dangerous part of the city, where only heavily armed patrols dare to police.
The center of the Ward holds many palatial residences of merchants, as well as noble manors of families who wish to distance themselves from either of the ruling parties. The influence of the Limlugeth’s and Davarros’ can still be felt in the heart of the Canal Ward, but here free-thinking young nobles and merchants can rub shoulders in relative freedom.
High Ward houses one of the two ancient watch towers controlled by the ruling families. House Davarros, a family of halflings, maintain that their lineage traces back to the original founding of the city. Whatever the truth, the northmost ward houses some of the oldest buildings of the city. Near the northern entrance to the city, a near constant ringing of metal on metal can be heard from Silver Alley, a broad street known for its fine smithies and metalworkers. Outside the city walls, the High Ward is also the breadbasket of Westwatch. Many farms have grown up in the fertile soil of the western plains, producing fine grains and produce.
High Ward also contains many shrines, churches, and temples, and is the religious center of the city. Many different faiths are followed, but evil aligned deities are worshipped in back alleys or basements, and the Crimson Watchmen have been known to shut down temples that they feel are in violation. The Crimson Watchmen are housed in the High Ward, and train daily in the broad parade grounds outside the northern watchtower. They also have regular guardposts throughout the upper half of the city, and maintain a large barracks in the upper portion of the Canal Ward.
The southernmost ward is known as Deep Ward, and is the traditional seat of power of the rich human noble family the Limlugeths. Deep Ward is closest to the huge forest known as the Sea of Trees, and is known for its rich timber and fur trades. The rich center of Deep Ward surrounds the southern watchtower, home to many villas and palaces as well as fine inns and boutique stores. Much of the trade that passes through Westwatch travels through the Wayfarer’s Thoroughfare, a wide series of streets that curves south following a canal. The Watchful Order operates out of a large compound on this street, keeping the law and ensuring more gold to flow into the pockets of the Limlugeths.

The city is run as an oligarchy, with power split between two princes. The princes are heads of the two ruling families that have been in control for generations. House Limlugeth, headed by Prince Atras, controls the southernmost watchtower, while the Davarros control the northern tower. Beneath the two ruling families are a number of lesser nobility, though they are kept in check by the two princes. A council of merchants act as a check to the power of the princes, though their influence waxes and wanes.
Law and Order-
Westwatch is policed by private guard forces maintained by each family. The Watchful Order, the guards of House Limlugeth, wear uniforms of a royal blue emblazoned with a knight bearing a staff and short sword, watched over by a gazing eye. They often have guard-wizards attached to squads. It is also rumored they have a cadre of elite assassins for missions of particular political importance.
The Davarros family guard are known as the Crimson Watchmen. Their uniforms bear the family crest of the Davarros, a bared dagger surrounded by rays of light. The Watchmen’s patrols usually include young acolytes on loan from nearby temples or druids in their employ.
Ostensibly, both guard order’s authority extends to the whole city. In practice, however, the Order or Watchmen tend to primarily focus on their own half of the city. Both groups tend to be very lenient towards nobility, and nobles rarely see more punishment than a fine for lawbreaking unless it was particularly egregious or if a public outcry is raised.

Limlugeth Family:
Atras Limlugeth- A bearded, stately man known as the kind-hearted. Respected and well-liked by the people for charitable giving and for having avoided corruption and backstabbing more than most of the nobles of the city. A mage of some distinction, his ability allowed him to secure his position as heir.
Sabia Limlugeth- A shrewd woman with a keen mind for planning and management, House Limlugeth’s recent success is in no little part thanks to her. Married to Atras Limlugeth, originally from a rich merchant family. She has been much more involved in managing house operations and funds than parenting, but has grown more involved in her children’s lives as they have grown into adults.
Corin Limlugeth- The second born of the main Limlugeth line, a somewhat frail young man who has often been overlooked by the powerful members of his family. Intelligent and charismatic, Corin would excel in politics if not held back by his lack of ambition and fierce loyalty to his older sister Aryn.


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