Whispers of a Dead God

Fire in the Sea of Trees (Aryn's Diary Entry)

The plan was an awful mess. As we set up the decoy soldiers, veiled by darkness and fog, I had a pit in my stomach that only grew worse as I crept slowly to the wall. I tossed the oil and lit it, then bolted, listening for the guttural orc shouts that were sure to follow. We made for the side gate, and for a moment I looked back to see an orc squad and an ogre halt for a bare moment before running after us. I ran out of curses as we closed on the side gate with out foes in pursuit.

The Gate

With the side gate lay the success of our mission, or so I thought. I drew upon the verdant energy of my armor as we ran, casting myself through time and space and out on top of the palisade and into camp. Our new companion, the goat, climbed the wall as well and helped me throw aside the heavy wooden beam. Glen was quick to con the goblin servants to assist. A devious one, Glen; but a useful ally. With the pit in sight, and goblin tools to slow the enemy, our success and quick escape seemed inevitable.

I ordered Rose to check the pit. Poor fool.

As we fought the stinking ogre, the halfling was pushed into the pit by an orc foot soldier. I tasted iron in my mouth and a sudden surge of fiery rage roared over me. Without thinking, I dodged the ogre’s clumsy swing. I used the door frame for added height, leaping and kicking off before thrusting my blade up through the soft cavities to the back of the skull. With the ogre down, I left the remains to my comrades and rushed to the pit.

The Pit

As I arrived, I saw the goblins had already crumbled. About what i expected from them, really. I had only a moment to toss a rope into the pit before it was clear our attack had failed. Eight (Ape) had played her part well, dropping the ballista tower, but the orcs had rallied quickly. I ran to the wall and vaulted over to draw the attention of those orcs I could.

A Slow Collapse

It was time to cut and run. If victory was no longer possible, I realized, I must damage the orcs as much as possible. That is, without undue personal risk. The others would have to take care of themselves.

The orc squadron commander followed me into the woods, a fatal mistake. I vanished, merging with the flickering shadows from the flames engulfing camp, then struck. My rapier cut his hamstring, and I dodged his clumsy swing. From there my arrows ended his life.


Awesome to see a different perspective on one of the most pivotal moments of the campaign so far! Aryn is becoming a very interesting character.

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