Eight Thundercloud

Curiosity wills the cat.......


A skilled sorceress and adept researcher, Eight Thundercloud lives a life somewhat on the whim. She rather enjoys the study of magical items and when she hears of unique enchantments she cannot help but be drawn into obsession of the item. From locating the item to acquiring and studying its effects, Eight will let little stop her from acquiring a piece for study (this doesn’t necessitate using the item). Usually quite peaceful, with a quirky sense of humor, she cares little for interactions with those who cannot helper towards her goal at the time but will not treat the lives of those others with complete disregard.


Eight Thundercloud entered this world during a massive storm. She does not know this yet but the storm occurred due to the presence of the air primordial Akadi. The gaze of Akadi fell upon the newborn Eight and she was infused with magic from the plane of elemental air. Eight was always different from her peers. Her inquisitive, whimsical nature drew much unwanted attention from her peers who clearly did not understand her.

As a youth, Eight Thundercloud was not very studious. She did however learn to use her charms to keep her out of most trouble and her lithe form to get her out of the remainder. As she grew older she kept her fondness for her ball of yarn, something her clan views as a child’s toy. Some schoolyard bullies confronted her about this one day. The interaction ended in a bet that Eight could not go for one day without playing with her ball of yarn. As they shook on this bet, the terms of which have since been forgotten, Eight unknowingly willed a shocking grasp. This caused serious harm to the bully, who did survive. Later that same day, Eights hair puffed out due to a static charge and her eyelashes and whiskers began to spark periodically. It was at this point that Eight was encouraged to learn how to channel her power.

Eight Thundercloud, having recently become a full fledged sorceress, left her clan to hunt down an item by the name “The Crown of Tarrakas”. She has since gained some unlikely allies in Glenn Weinstein, a Kobold and Aryn Limlugeth, a strange human. She has made friends with a hippogriff whom she calls Gold Beak. She was nearly afflicted with lycanthropy and was torn as to whether she could use this as a boon to aid her in obtaining her quarries or if it would become more of an impediment. Ultimately she decided that it would hinder her progress.

During her adventures, Eight has tried her hand at artificing. Thanks to her resourcefulness as a researcher she has been able to find information to modify existing artifacts. A gauntlet of infinite daggers that she had purchased earlier was able to be modified to allow the daggers to carry an electric charge. This modification required a number of materials including the scales of a blue dragon. A deal was struck in order to obtain the scales and the gauntlet was modified. But this gave Eight another idea, the Elven chain that she round in the ruins could be modified to generate a shield against elemental forces. But how to do this…….

Eight Thundercloud

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