Aryn Limlugeth

A cold, ambitious young woman with a dark secret, on a quest for power and glory


A young human woman in her early twenties. Aryn is fair, with striking hazel eyes and hair the color of crushed cinnamon. She is tall and lean, clearly unaccustomed to manual labor, and has the manners of one raised as a highborn.

Current Appearance: Aryn currently wears the Armor of Fallen Leaves, cunningly woven together by magic and enchanted to protect the wearer. On her brow rests the legendary Crown of Terrakas, a dangerous artifact currently in the shape of a fine silver tiara. She wields a rapier, finely crafted in her home city of Westwatch, as well as a dagger found in an ancient dwarven ruin.


Aryn was raised by the High Lord of the Limlugeth family and his Lady Wife as heir. She has a brother, Corin, the sole person to elicit an emotional response from her. Like all children of one of the two ruling families in Westwatch, she was expected to learn the game of houses. To that end, a tutor was brought in- Asham Greycinder.

She proved a quick study and mastered the lessons taught to her about politics, warfare, and bending people to her will. Her tutor sadly proved only too willing to sell information to the rival Davarros family, ultimately stumbling across her dark secret. She could not suffer him to live; taking up her blade, Celebren, she ended his life and went on the run to prove herself worthy of the position of heir.

Aryn Limlugeth

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