The Lady of Thieves, a recently ascended god



A master thief and assassin, Apsalar recently ascended to the ranks of Godhood. Her avatars appear much as she did in life, a young human woman with dark slanted eyes and thick black hair, clad in soft armor made for movement.


Possessed by the spirit of an assassin from a young age, Apsalar found herself marked for a life in the shadows. She found herself embroiled in plots that involved the highest level of politics, some manipulated by the very gods themselves. After the spirit relinquished control, Apsalar was left with blood on her hands, powerful enemies, and had little left to her other than the skills left to her and her weapons. She spent a long time trying to atone for her past sins, even shaming the god of shadows who had used her to their own ends.

Following the disappearance of her lover, she became embroiled in a conflict with a powerful guild of assassins. It ended in a final struggle where she single-handedly vanquished the top ranks of the assassins guild along the rooftops, though taking deadly wounds herself. As her life’s blood flowed out, a divine spark kindled in its place and she assumed her place as the Lady of Thieves.


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