Whispers of a Dead God

Journey to Mistvale

A happy reunion, a face from Aryn's past, and a new quest


Awaking the morning after celebrating the Valiant Crowned victory over the wolves, Glen and Rigel set off into the forest to hunt. Glen wanted a mount, and the wolves of Grimwarden Forest offered an enticing prospect. To catch and tame a wolf they would need meat. The kobold and the human spent the better part of the day tracking a deer and finally managed to bring it down. They butchered it and baited a live trap with a haunch of venison before retiring for the evening. When they came back to check on it, sure enough, a wolf had been trapped. Glen used the Ring of Animal Influence he had looted from the Wolfmother’s chamber to befriend and speak with the captive wolf. He learned that the wolf’s name was Grayfang. Over the next few days, they became fast friends, and with Rigel’s help eventually learned to ride him as a mount.

The Lonely Goat Inn

Cupcake was eager to get back home to Mistvale, but the rest of the group decided to go visit
Goren Balenonn at the Lonely Goat Inn first. On the way, Eight Thundercloud noticed that Cupcake was trying to assemble a spellbook of sorts from scraps of paper he had scavenged along their journeys. As an adept spellcaster, she helped give the boy a few pointers on spell casting and magic. Once they arrived, Aryn, and Eight Thundercloud went straight away to purchase magical items from Goren’s stash. Glen, meanwhile, haggled with the proprietor of the stable over a miniature saddle that was perfect for riding Grayfang. Rose took the opportunity to visit her father at Goodlight Farm, and the rest of the group stayed in the most luxurious rooms The Lonely Goat Inn had to offer.


Just outside of Mistvale, several riders approached the group. As they drew close, Aryn recognized their banner as that of the Crimson Watchmen – the household guard of House Davarros in Westwatch. She quickly hid herself in some bushes at the roadside. The soldiers had heard of the Valiant Crowned, but seemed unwilling to let them enter Mistvale. The adventurers learned that following the orc raid in which Cupcake had been kidnapped, the Crimson Watchmen had shown up to help protect the town as the survivors began to rebuild. The town was basically on lockdown, and the soldiers turned away any who did not have explicit business in Mistvale. It was only after explaining that the group was on their way to return Cupcake to his family that the guards agreed to escort them into town. Meanwhile, Aryn kept her distance. She would sneak into town another way.

A Secret

The guards escorted Eight Thundercloud and Glen to see their Commander, a stout halfling named Renly Davarros. Renly greeted the adventurers, explaining that he had heard of their deeds throughout Western Nymeria. He was curious to know where the other member of their group, Aryn Limlugeth, was. He explained that she was wanted for murder in Westwatch, and that there was a sizable bounty on her head. This information peaked Glen’s interest. Commander Davarros put them up at a nearby inn known as Old Gran’s Tavern, and they went there to drop off their supplies before taking Cupcake to see his family. It was there that Aryn managed to rejoin them by sneaking up to the roof and dropping in through a skylight. As night fell, they made their way through town toward a tower where the Council of Elders was meeting. Anders Leam, Cupcake’s father, was one of the few surviving elders. He was overjoyed to see his son again, and richly rewarded the adventurers for safely returning him.

A Quest

At the council meeting, the adventurers learned that Cupcake was not the only person who had been taken by the orcs during the raid. Cupcake’s mother, Elanna Leam, and his wizard tutor Gaspard Dukaniel were also taken. Anders implored the adventurers to track down the orcs and find out what had happened to them. He offered a reward of 2,000 gold pieces.

Small-Town Politics

To Aryn’s mind, something slightly sinister seemed to be going on in Mistvale. She was wise to the cunning ways of House Davarros, and didn’t believe for a minute that the Crimson Watchmen were only here to help provide security and restore order. The town was preparing to elect a new leader from among the council of elders, and it was clear that House Davarros stood to gain influence over the region by helping a strong ally get elected. Anders Leam just so happened to have a very high opinion of the Crimson Watchmen, and Commander Renly Davarrros was fully prepared to lend him support. Even the quest they had agreed to undertake, rescuing Elanna Leam and Gaspard Dukaniel, would bolster Anders and make him seem like a more capable leader. It was clear that the Valiant Crowned, and Aryn especially, would have to tread carefully in Mistvale.


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